MQT 2022

Spin Transport and Magnetoresistance in Inorganic Complexes

Daniel Aravena Universidad de Santiago de Chile

at  10:40for  40min

Daniel Aravena, (a) Albert C. Aragonès, (b) Eliseo Ruiz, (c) Ismael Diéz-Pérez (d)

(a) Department of Materials Chemistry, Universidad de Santiago de Chile

(b) Department of Materials Science & Physical Chemistry, Universitat de Barcelona

(c) Department of Inorganic and Organic Chemistry, Universitat de Barcelona

(d) Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Natural & Mathematical Sciences, King’s College London

A series of combined experimental and theoretical studies about spin transport though first row transition metal complexes are presented. The first article focuses on the spin dependent transport in a spin-crossover FeII complex.[1] Experiment and theory agree on a higher conductance for the high spin state, which current is strongly spin polarized. Following studies explore the effect of different transition metals in both conductance and spin filtering and different conductance pathways related with metals and ligands. [2-4] Non-equilibrium Green Functions combined with Density Functional Theory (NEGF+DFT) results point to different contact positions and changes in coordination number as key aspects controlling electron transport. These conditions affect the frontier orbital alignment with respect to the Fermi level of the electrodes and modify the relevant transmission channels of the molecule.

alt text

Figure 1. Representation of the magnetoresistance effect in [Cu/Co(DPP)] systems.[4]

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